"The Doodle Project" 

As a team of two we found ourselves wondering how our perception of people is so much different than how they see themself.

We recruited 15 people and did two separate photos of them. Along with this we asked them 2 basic questions:

“Who do people think you are?” (Picture on the left.)

“Who are you really?” (Picture on the right.)

The answers we got back took us by shock. This group of 15 let us see into their minds a little and from this we found that no one is truly who they seem to be. Take a look and see for yourself of how these 15 are seen by the outside world and how they see themself.

The Team: 

Idea Creators: Topacio Beerhalter and Madison Hamilton

Strategy: Madison Hamilton 

Art Direction/Editing: Topacio Beerhalter 

Photography: Kevin Wang